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To get to the start of the race off Crystal Springs Drive from the I-5 Golden State Freeway, take the Los Feliz Blvd exit. Drive west a short distance to Crystal Springs Drive and turn right. Follow Crystal Springs Drive until you reach the stop sign at the intersection of the Ranger Station Headquarters and Fire Road/Crystal Springs Drive. Go left here, and follow back to the parking lot near the merry go round. 

From the large parking lot near the merry-go-round, walk back south to the entrance of the lot. (Note at this point, a barrier and gate blocks the road from vehicles traveling any further.) Turn right, passing the road barricade and walk about 150 yards up the paved road to an empty paved lot. This will be the start/finish location of the race and staging area. Follow the paved road down 100 yards, and on your right you will notice Fern Canyon Nature Trail. Take this trail. Follow it up through the canyon, and onto several sets of old wood steps. Follow this until it reaches back up with the "Mineral Wells Trail".

Turn right here, and follow down about 50 yards until you reach a three way intersection where you will then go left at East Trail or Old Zoo Trail as some call it. You ascend north as views begin to open up to the east. In a few minutes you reach an outward bend that cuts back sharply southwest to begin a traverse through Spring Canyon.  You get glimpses below of the road coming from the old zoo, which will be your return route. Soon you get your first look at Bee Rock high on the slope above. The trail begins to descend to Spring Canyon stream.  In few more minutes you arrive at a four-point junction, 0.7 mile from the start.

Straight and bending right leads to Mineral Wells Trail which is the way you will go, and in about 100 yards the junction for Bill Eckert Trail. To the immediate right along the chain link fence is a narrow path that will be your return route through the old zoo. To the left is Bee Rock Trail (still a dirt road) heading west up a ravine. Follow the Mineral Wells Trail. 

Take this trail as it rolls up and down above Griffith Park Drive until at the 1.5 mile mark where you will encounter your first aid station. Once leaving the aid station simply follow the same exact trail in and out of trees until it dead ends onto pavement.

Follow the path over the small dam and straight until about 75 yards it will veer left. Go left and follow the path until it connects back up with the Fire Road in 50 yards. Follow this Fire Road up the steep hill until you reach the top at the old compost site, and Griffith Park Drive. Here is where your will encounter your turn-around point, and aid station #2 which is at the mile 3.1 mark.

Turn around and retrace your exact steps while passing your first aid station again which will now be aid station #3, and mile 4.5. Soon after you will reach the four-point junction at the old zoo fence, you'll notice that the dirt road on the right was your earlier route to here. But to complete the loop, bear left momentarily and then right on the narrow path along side the fence.

Follow the path briefly and turn right, passing through a pedestrian gate in the fence to the paved road. A left turn (east) would take you about 0.3 mile to Griffith Park Drive. But continue straight (south) proceed through the old zoo grounds, keeping the grass areas to your left. In a couple minutes the route circles left (east) and you see some of the old zoo cages.  When you come to a fork in the road, bear right and immediately notice another split with a road veering right. This will be your route.

Take the road that veers southeast (behind the zoo enclosures). Soon the pavement ends and the dirt road roughly parallels Old Zoo Trail (that you were on earlier) and takes you 0.25 mile back to intersect the beginning of Fern Canyon Trail. Turn right here and veer up the hill. About 50 yards on your left you will see a left turn to take you back onto little Fern Trail through the series of old wood steps. Follow the windy little path and course markings back to the finish line just below you where you started. 

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